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Today, the profession of manager is one of the most popular, prestigious and, most importantly, the most sought after in the labor market. Modern companies are in dire need of professional executives (top executives, directors, mid-level managers, HR managers, administrators, etc.).

A manager is a highly qualified staff who plays the role of a coordinating body that shapes and drives the resources of an organization to achieve its goals.

Specialists of this specialty are prepared for the implementation of: systematic analysis of the organization; development of strategic directions of development of the organization and ensuring their competitiveness; combination of all types of resources, organization of teamwork to achieve the mission of the organization; organization of management processes, management decision making and their implementation.

Management specialist is a person who has a special management education and is responsible for the development and decision making of management. The main directions of professional activity are information-analytical, organizational-managerial and administrative-economic, and under the conditions of acquiring relevant experience it can adapt to the following areas of related professional activity: economic, marketing, accounting-control, foreign economic, educational, research.

The advantages of management professionals are high salaries, stable demand in the labor market and a wide range of possible employment opportunities.

The graduate of this profile can hold positions: the head of the enterprise or his deputy, the manager-logistician, the personnel manager, the manager of the sales department, the head of the production department, the head of the agricultural department, the manager of the commercial department, the expert on the analysis of the market, the economic adviser, etc.

A manager is a representative of a special profession that unites a manager, an economist, a lawyer.