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Trade Union Organization

The trade union organization of the Uman National University of Horticulture was established in 1920. In the various periods of its existence, fulfilling its tasks, the trade union organization of the university focused its work on taking into account the requirements of life and those problems that confront the university and its staff. At the same time, the main and constant task of the organization was to provide various assistance to its participants, both in regulating labor relations and in obtaining socio-economic support.

The union organization of the National University of Horticulture brings together scientific and pedagogical staff, students and graduate students. The chairman of the union is the candidate of biological sciences, associate professor of the biology department M. Parubok. Committees on housing and domestic work, labor protection and safety, cultural, sporting, environmental, organizational, informational activities, working with students and children have been established under the trade union committee.

The main way to solve problems at the university is constructive social dialogue and reconciliation of interests through agreements.

The trade union builds relationships with the administration on the basis of the principles of social partnership, autonomy, mutual understanding, compliance with the laws, treaties and agreements.

The cooperation of the trade union committee with the trade unions of the university units gives the opportunity to constantly monitor the situation in the higher education institution through meetings; to improve the condition of the team by organizing trips to interesting places of Ukraine, solving recreation issues both in summer and winter, providing vouchers for spa treatment; to support financial assistance: in connection with different life situations and on the occasion of anniversary dates; encouraging union members to care for the older generation, providing them with food and providing financial assistance.

The trade union committee also works closely with the student council of the university. Together, they plan and conduct sports, cultural and educational events, organize sightseeing tours of historic sites of Ukraine, participate in tours and competitions for the best student hostel and the best room. The students of the University are financially encouraged for active participation in public life and excellent education, and financial support is constantly provided to orphan students and those who need it.

The trade union committee also promotes the development of amateur art, physical culture and sports, the promotion of healthy lifestyles at the university, the teams of higher education institutions from different sports and the creative teams of amateur art are financially supported.

The trade union organization cares for a favorable social and psychological climate in the team: all the rights of employees and students are securely protected, all the conditions for scientific, educational work are created.

The trade union committee with the administration are partners in the work: in all the commissions of the university the employees of the trade union are involved, because only through joint efforts of the management apparatus and all members of the labor collective can one succeed in the work that will lead to the prosperity of the educational institution.