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Student Government

The Student Council is the coordinator of student life. The main purpose of its activity is, first of all, to create conditions for self-realization of young people in the interests of the individual, society and the state. Areas of Student Government are diverse and cover all areas of student life.

The Student Government Council of Uman National University of Horticulture participates in all spheres of students' lives: holds sports competitions, intellectual competitions "Best Student of the Year", "What? Where? When? ”, Actions to World Contraception Day, Embroidery Day, regularly visit the orphanage, hold charity events to raise funds for soldiers. Thematic student parties and flash mobs are held.

In order to cooperate with other higher education institutions and comprehensive development of students, inter-university conferences, round tables, trainings are regularly held.

The annual "Miss & Mister University" and "The Cossack Fun" sporting event were held annually.

To promote "The Fun and Smart Club" at Uman National University of Horticulture, faculty teams play games at the Rector's Cup. For several years, the university team has been among the top ten agrarian league teams in Ukraine.

Due attention is paid to the rules of residence in hostels and students' compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements: competitions are held for the best hostel, floor, room.

Traditionally, the Student Government Council meetings are held with the rector, at which students make suggestions about improving student learning and life.

As part of the planned student government activities, youth are assisting war veterans, families whose husbands are in the area of counter-terrorism.

Participation in the activities of student government is a great opportunity to gain skills in professional affairs, experience in communication, to test yourself as a leader. In the present circumstances, when the student and his family pay for the study at their own expense, the student's interest in improving the efficiency of the educational process and solving problems of everyday life and leisure objectively increases. Such problems are intended to be solved by the Student Government Council.