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General information about the Campus

On the territory of Uman National University of Horticulture there are 5 hostels (100% providing student accommodation), hotel, 2 canteens, Student's Cafe and 3 cafeterias in educational buildings (№1, №4, Department of Marketing and Economics), outdoor stadium, tennis courts, indoor sports hall, a grocery shop, internet club, hair salon, repair shop clothes and shoes, 4 parking.

The whole territory is fenced and has three entrances, one of which has a security checkpoint, the other is closed to traffic, the third is the entrance to the Sofiyivka Dendrological Park and the Department of Mechanization. Access to the territory of the University is allowed only if there is a pass.

The university is 300 meters from the bus station and the city polyclinic.

In order to prevent crimes and offenses, to protect the life and health of students and residents of the town from unlawful encroachment, a public order detachment was created at the university.

The main tasks of the detachment:

ensuring public order;

prevention of crime;

assisting campus residents in preventing and ending offenses and crimes.

The guard controls the public order at the university and directly in the hostels. Also, the administration of the educational institution organized regular alternations of teachers to improve control over the order in the hostels and to identify deficiencies in providing social conditions for students.

Director of the campus:

Pogrebnyak Viktor Grigorovich

Contact phone: +38(04744)3-17-79