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Psychological Service

An important role in improving the educational process within the walls of the institution is played by the psychological service "Trust". The main purpose of the activity is to increase psychological competence, promote personal growth, form a positive life position and motivation for the education and development of future professionals. Lectures, seminars and trainings are held for students of the preparatory department, taking into account their age and psychological characteristics.

The leading directions of work of the psychological service "Trust" are:

- psychological support of the educational process (including psychological diagnosis);

- psychological education and prevention of negative phenomena among young people;

- individual psychological assistance to university students and teachers.

Psychological support of the educational process is focused on motivation for self-knowledge and self-development, facilitating the process of adaptation of students of the first year of study, formation of a favorable psychological climate in the student team.

All participants of the educational process have individual consultations, discussions and other forms of psychotherapeutic work. At the request of teachers and students, psychological counseling is provided on the following issues: self-determination, solving personal issues, establishing interpersonal relationships, etc .; assistance to students and teachers in conflict situations during the educational process, which cause considerable emotional stress; assisting young teachers, especially those with no special pedagogical education, in adapting them to teaching conditions.

Counseling and psychotherapy work is about understanding the causes of the problem and forming new adequate behaviors in different situations in life.

Through psychological education, the implementation of preventive programs for the formation of healthy lifestyles, as well as begins a conscious value attitude to their own life and health. This system of measures is aimed at preventing destructive behaviors and creating psychological conditions conducive to learning, development and self-improvement.

Thus, the psychological service is designed to ensure the proper level of psychological competence of teachers and students, to provide psychological support to the educational process and to help in solving personal and professional problems that have a psychological basis. The basic principles that guide the work of the psychological service "Trust" - are confidentiality, tolerance and empathy for everyone.