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Public Management and Administration

The Faculty of Management prepares students majoring in "PUBLIC MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION"

The purpose of the program is to train highly professional specialists able to apply modern approaches and methods to management in the field of public administration, including decision-making using modern management tools.

Preparation is carried out by day and correspondence forms of educational degrees:


  Public administration and administration ensures the effective functioning of the system of public authorities, local self-government bodies, public organizations, individuals and other civil society actors in order to implement public policy in various spheres of public life.

In the course of study, students acquire skills in organizing and planning the activities of public administration bodies, assessing and forecasting the economic and social development of the territory, community, city, and region; identifying reserves for improving their functioning; design, modernization of management, introduction of new state-administrative technologies; preparing and making management decisions; establishing effective communication in the public-private sphere.

The choice of specialty "Public Management and Administration" offers opportunities to realize their potential and work in government agencies and local government (leaders of the central government and their deputies, civil servants of local authorities); at enterprises, organizations and institutions (heads of public companies and their deputies, specialists in project and program management, managers in consulting, agrarian, social and other fields); scientific and educational institutions.