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Every year, the number of people wishing to relax outside our country is increasing. How can a tourist choose a country, arrange a trip and draw up all the necessary documents? These questions will help to understand the specialist in tourism.

Graduates in the direction of training "Tourism" occupy the positions of: travel agent, owner of a hospitable residence, manager of tourism organization, manager of a tourist complex, organizer of tourist activity, tour guide, etc.

The main advantages of the training area are:

  • The tourism industry is developing rapidly and is one of the most profitable and promising;
  • Opportunity to visit many countries of the world;
  • Good earnings. Although income depends on the season;
  • Excitement. Usually, there are real fans working in this industry who do not change the travel business for anything else.

Specialists of the specialty are prepared to carry out the following main types of economic activity: determining the forms, types, directions and specialization of tourist and recreational activities; development and economic justification of a tourism project or product; activity analysis, planning, forecasting and development of perspective directions of tourism enterprise development; organization of development, sale and marketing of tourist product; organization of partnerships and foreign economic activities of the tourism enterprise; participation in the organization of scientific research, its conducting and implementation of the obtained results; personnel training.

Graduates of the University of Tourism specialty can work in the following positions:

  • Head of the Tourism Department in the executive bodies (at the state and regional level);
  • Tourism consultant (in the apparatus of state authorities, executive committee);
  • Junior State Inspector;
  • Professional (specialist) of the State Tourism Service;
  • Researcher (tourism, excursion, recreation);
  • Directors of a travel agency (manager of international tourism);
  • Organizing Secretary (associations, unions, tourism federations);
  • Rural Tourism Specialist;
  • Metrologist of tourist service;
  • Heads of tourist and recreational complexes;
  • Domestic and International Tourism Manager;
  • Tourism insurance consultant;
  • Manager of the staff of the tourist company;
  • Inspector of Tourism and Spa;
  • Methodist instructor for tourism.