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Hotel and Restaurant Business

One of the most promising specialties at the current stage of economic development.

Hotel and Restaurant Business
Hotel and Restaurant Business
Hotel and Restaurant Business
Hotel and Restaurant Business
Hotel and Restaurant Business
Hotel and Restaurant Business

Specialists are trained for organizational, management, business, commercial, investment and research activities in the field of restaurant, hotel and exhibition activities.

Graduates in the specialty Hotel and Restaurant Business are: director of hotel, exhibition center, travel agency or tourist complex, administrator of reception and accommodation at hotel, chief administrator and metodotel in restaurant, restaurateur, head of a small business in the hotel and restaurant business and more.

The professional activity of a specialist in the Hotel and Restaurant Business in the primary positions is:

  • organization of activities to provide basic services in the field of hotel and restaurant business;
  • organization of production and service in restaurants;
  • organization of the process of production and provision of hotel services;
  • organization of providing business services for tourists, animation services;
  • ensuring the proper quality of products and services in establishments
  • hotel and restaurant business;
  • ensuring occupational safety and health;
  • study of marketing activity and complex of marketing measures of influence on the market and competitive position of the enterprise in the sphere of hotel and restaurant business;
  • mastering the current legislative and regulatory framework on the functioning of enterprises providing hotel and restaurant services;
  • planning and designing of hotel and restaurant establishments;
  • design of technological process of production of products in establishments of restaurant economy and improvement of technological operations;
  • development of short and medium-term plans of activity of the enterprises (establishments) of hotel and restaurant farms, planning of the need for resources (material, financial, labor);
  • having practical skills in working with computer technology and in the field of information technologies;
  • application of innovative information technologies in the work of enterprises;
  • perfect knowledge of modern business Ukrainian and foreign languages ​​of professional orientation.


Professional types of activities that can be performed by a specialist in the Hotel and Restaurant Business:

  • Hospitality Specialist
  • Leisure specialist
  • Specialized service specialist
  • Hospitality specialist in accommodation (hotels, resorts, etc.)
  • Specialist in hotel business
  • Specialist in the restaurant business



Graduates of the University specialty Hotel and Restaurant Business may work in the following positions:


  • Director (deputy director) of a hotel or restaurant;
  • Restaurateur;
  • Hotel or restaurant manager;
  • Specialist of sanatorium and resort business;
  • Head of the enterprise, institution, organization in the sphere of recreation, culture and sport;
  • Head of the Marketing and Commerce Department in the Hotel and Restaurant Business;
  • Inspector of product quality control;
  • Head of sales and organization of consumption of goods, products of the restaurant industry and services;
  • Logistics Specialist (Sales Economist, Head of Sales);
  • Manager in the sanatorium and resort economy;
  • Hospitality specialist in accommodation (hotels, tourist complexes, etc.);
  • Specialist in project and program management;
  • Commodity Market Research Analyst;
  • Leisure specialist, tourist and hotel organizer;
  • Researcher or teacher at the school.