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Surveying and Land Management

Surveying and Land Management
Surveying and Land Management

Earth is our greatest national treasure, a precious treasure that needs to be protected, recreated and reasonably managed. Specialists in geodesy, cartography and land management play a big role in this. The specialty 193 "Surveying and Land Management" can be obtained at the Faculty of Forestry and Landscape Management of the Uman National University of Horticulture.


The work of a specialist in geodesy, cartography and land management requires the ability to make informed decisions, to conduct dialogue, and also requires care, clarity and responsibility. To become a successful specialist in this field of activity, it is necessary to be persistent, confident, active. For now, any action on land requires the proper design and execution of a large amount of various works, ranging from measuring land, developing technical and design documentation and appropriate legal registration. And this should be done by qualified specialists.


In the context of land reform in the labor market, the demand for certified land surveyors has increased dramatically. Therefore, students studying in this specialty have a wide range of attractive job prospects after graduation.


Graduates of the specialty "Surveying and Land Management" can realize themselves in the professions of land surveyor and specialist in geoinformation systems and technologies. The profession of landowner requires a deep understanding of the processes occurring in nature. Specialists in this field are able to work in regional, district and city governments and land resources departments; technical inventory office; departments of architecture and town planning; real estate appraisal agencies; departments of the State Property Fund, regional and district departments of justice; village, settlement, city and district councils; state administrations and their divisions; tax service.


A specialist in geoinformation systems and technologies can be involved in various types of production activities. He develops the necessary software, analyzes the design and programming of ready-made systems, studies the needs and problems of users, searches for optimal solutions; is engaged in the development, production and delivery of specialized programs. Specialists in geoinformation systems and technologies work in the bodies of state administration of territories, in organizations and firms in land management, in design and research organizations; in executive and planning organizations; in maintenance and design construction organizations.


Therefore, we invite you to connect your life with the earth, which is the basic means for the existence of mankind and a source of social wealth, choosing the specialty 193 "Surveying and Land Management"!