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Landscape gardening

Specialty 206 " Landscape gardening" of Uman National University of Horticulture is necessary for modern Ukraine to solve environmental problems of cities and settlements, to improve the population of the state and to educate creative personality.

Many people mistakenly believe that growing plants and creating gardens and parks is not a tricky business. However, the organization and management of the landscape gardens require serious and extensive professional training. It is here that the necessary knowledge of both the fundamental natural sciences and applied - agrarian and technical.

The training of higher education applicants in this specialty is aimed at the formation of a wide range of knowledge in the field of modern technologies for the formation of objects of landscape gardening and the possession of basic methods of growing ornamental plants, design of objects of landscape gardening, plant selection, technologies and agrotechnics of creation and operation of components of landscape gardens.

Landscape engineers receive comprehensive training on the design, care and care of all types of plantations, based on a detailed study of the biology of ornamental plants, reconstruction and restoration of ancient and modern gardens, ornamental gardening.

The professional activity of our graduates is connected with the organization and management of landscape gardening and economy, the development of design projects, projects of planning and landscaping of green building objects (laying rational technologies for implementation of projects in nature; execution of planning and greening of territories of various purpose, green corners; taxing of landscaping objects; growing tree and shrub species; open and closed soil flowering plants; regular sales of products; carrying out a complex of inspection works with plants on the landscaping object; economic justification of design decisions).

On completion of training, specialists in landscape gardening can work in nurseries, garden centers and nurseries that specialize in a wide range of plants, their acclimatization, cultivation and breeding. For those with fine art, it is possible to engage in indoor and outdoor landscaping while creating 3D projects and fulfilling all the wishes of the customer.

Therefore, we invite creative, conscious personalities who want to make this world a better place, to study at Uman National University of Horticulture, specialty 206 "Landscape gardening"!