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Marketing specialty is new enough for Ukraine. The need for marketers today is not yet fully satisfied. Given the perspective of this profession and the fact that it allows you to show their creativity, many young people in all economic specialties choose marketing. The qualities that a person who wants to work as a marketer should be - activity, creativity, ability to analyze and draw conclusions, observation, interest in the outside world, positive attitude to life.

A marketer is a leading market economy specialist. Therefore, firms, businesses, organizations are increasingly in need of skilled, modern market-makers, that is, marketers. Experts say that the marketer is a specialist of the XXI century. This view is confirmed by practice - the demand for marketers in Ukraine is growing.

Specialists in the specialty "Marketing" carry out organizational-economic, managerial and scientific activities at enterprises, trade organizations, supply and marketing services, consulting and advertising firms, they plan the marketing activities of the enterprise in the domestic and international markets. Marketing specialists can provide consulting services in the organization of marketing research, development of business plans, innovative projects. After graduation, marketing graduates successfully solve a set of market research tasks and sales forecasts that provide a solid basis for successful business operations of businesses and market orientation firms.

Graduates of Uman National University with a degree in Marketing may work in the following positions:

  • Deputy Director;
  • Head of department or marketing service;
  • Marketer of a division or marketing service;
  • Marketing analyst, consultant, expert;
  • Marketing expert on enterprise efficiency, communication policy;
  • Economist of marketing, sales;
  • Marketing and advertising consultant;
  • The director of an advertising agency, the head of an advertising department;
  • The head of an advertising news agency, a public relations department;
  • Advertising manager, brand manager, media planner, copywriter;
  • Art directors;
  • Promoter, advertising consultant;
  • Logistics Director, Top Logistics Manager, Logistics Manager, Logistics Consultant.

As practice in the world shows, marketing education is the most promising in terms of career growth. The higher the managerial position occupied by a specialist, the greater the importance of marketing knowledge for him.

Shah Darmesh, HubSpot's SaaS founder of marketing software for small businesses, says of marketers: "Success comes to anyone who believes in their exclusivity." So if you feel powerful creative potential, and your thoughts and ideas are distinguished by creativity and non-standard - specialty "Marketing" of Uman National University of Horticulture is your way to success!