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Computer Science

Computer Science
Computer Science

There is no need to explain what a computer is for us today. Without basic computer skills, it is now impossible to play games, make money, or run the state. Therefore, whatever type of activity is chosen by today's student, but tomorrow's specialist, without sufficient skills in computer technology and certain information technologies - he can neither work nor develop.

Training in Computer Science at Uman National University of Horticulture provides the theoretical and practical skills to work with the latest database management systems and design tools, knowledge of languages and technologies of programming, development, testing, software implementation.

Within this specialty, you can acquire the skills for the following activities:

  • Software engineer;
  • WEB-designer and programmer;
  • IT project manager;
  • IT project and program analyst;
  • Administrator of computer networks;
  • System administrator;
  • Computer software engineer;
  • Computer engineer;
  • Specialist in information technology;
  • Software development and testing specialist;
  • Computer software development specialist.

The knowledge gained in the computer science training is widely used in many fields of human activity: education, medicine, industry, agriculture, and more. The graduate has the opportunity to find promising work in leading IT companies, including - foreign, state institutions, commercial organizations, banks, insurance companies, investment funds, consulting agencies, audit companies, centers of sociological and marketing research, enterprises of various forms of ownership and enterprises direction. The specificity of the profession also allows you to work remotely, have a flexible work schedule.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science may hold the following positions: IT engineer; information security engineer; IT director or head of department; IT specialist; computer systems analyst (business process analyst); software quality tester / engineer; system integrator, architect, administrator; administrator of databases, computer networks; web development specialist, mobile applications, data processing systems, computer games, net developer.

Specialty "Computer Science" offers great opportunities for a successful career, and systems thinking and thorough training allows graduates to adapt easily to different areas of information technology. Specialists in this specialty do not need professional adaptation to work abroad, because they learn the same languages and programming technologies used around the world. In addition, programming professionals have traditionally been ranked first in the payroll rankings. At the same time, there is a significant shortage of programmers in the leading countries of the world, which, among other things, is growing rapidly.

The specialty Computer Science is a cross-sectoral training area, designed for innovation in the development of theoretical foundations and tools for the implementation of tasks of development, intellectualization, integration, automation and control of complex distributed systems, networks, organizations, as well as technological, social and business processes.

The graduates gain a thorough knowledge system in the field of information and communication technologies, programming, systems research, the use of basic tools of artificial intelligence, methods of designing information management systems, as well as gain practical experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of information systems and technologies in various fields of human activity.

The modern level of education, based on free mastery of mathematical methods, information technologies and a systematic approach to solving professional problems, are characteristic features of graduates of the specialty "Computer Science".

Steve Jobs, an Apple founder, said: "The computer performs very simple operations - takes a number, adds to another number, compares the result with a third number - but executes them at a speed of, say, 1,000,000 per second. At a speed of 1,000,000 operations per second, the results are more like magic.” So, if you want to master these magical actions and become a world-changing magician, choose the specialty "Computer Science" at Uman National University of Horticulture!