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Plant Protection and Quarantine

Plant Protection and Quarantine
Plant Protection and Quarantine

It's hard to imagine our lives without vegetables, fruits, and especially bread. From the time of sowing to harvesting, plants can be affected by disease or pests, resulting in significant crop losses - more than 30-40% worldwide. To prevent this, a set of measures should be taken to reduce crop losses and prevent the deterioration of agricultural and other uses, perennial and forest plantations, trees, shrubs, closed soil vegetation, plant products due to pests, diseases.

A specialist in plant protection and quarantine is now organizing work on the control of the number of pests, diseases of agricultural plants and weeds; draws up field weed maps; provides a set of preventive and extermination measures for the protection of agricultural plants from pests, diseases and weeds by agricultural, chemical, biological and other means.

The salary of specialists of such a profile is on average from 10 000 UAH. and more.

The place of work of future specialists may be agricultural enterprises of different ownership forms, as well as state district plants for plant protection, biological laboratories, quarantine inspections, points for predicting and signaling the development of pests, diseases and weeds, business agro-structures.

Graduates of the University of Plant Protection and Quarantine Training can work in the following positions:

  • Director (deputy director) of agroholding, farm;
  • Agronomist for plant protection;
  • Quarantine Service Inspector;
  • The head of the enterprise, institution, organization in the field of plant protection;
  • Expert in the prediction and signaling of the development of harmful organisms;
  • Researcher or teacher at the school.