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Ukraine has been famous as an agrarian state for a long time. With a third of the world's black earth, it is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of grain, sugar, sunflower oil and honey. Therefore, now the agronomist profession is in high demand and is one of the most prestigious and highly paid.

Agronomy specialist is able to perform professional work related to the cultivation of cereals, technical, fodder, vegetable and fruit crops. Given its specific production conditions, its activities include the introduction and development of a scientifically sound system of agriculture and the further intensification of crop production in order to increase production and improve the quality of cultivated products, improve soil fertility and preserve the ecological balance of the environment. Agronomists are engaged in the creation of new varieties and hybrids, their introduction into production, reproduction and seed production. In addition, the agronomist is well versed in fertilization, crop programming and crop protection against disease, pests and weeds, mechanization of agricultural production, storage and primary processing of crop production and its implementation.


Basic training courses of agronomists:

  • agrochemistry;
  • agrarian and environmental law;
  • biotechnology;
  • boning and qualitative land valuation;
  • genetics;
  • surveying and reforestation;
  • pedology;
  • ecology;
  • economy and organization of agrarian service
  • protection of crops;
  • land cadastre;
  • agriculture;
  • information technology in agriculture;
  • fodder production;
  • seed production;
  • vegetable production;
  • entrepreneurship and management;
  • fruit-growing;
  • plant growing;
  • agricultural tractors and machines;
  • selection;
  • technology of storage and primary processing of crop products;

Production and educational practices of students are held at domestic and foreign agricultural enterprises of various forms of ownership, agro-industrial plants, specialized farms and research institutes, research institutes for the selection and creation of elite seeds of different crops, in state plants and protection plants for the production of plant protection products.

Areas of employment of graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy:

higher educational establishments of agrarian direction, research institutes (stations, laboratories), regional administrations, colleges, agricultural enterprises of various forms of ownership, regional and district agricultural administrations, advanced agro-industrial enterprises, companies, holdings and corporations, research institutions of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

List of specialties of graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy:

  • director (manager, rector) of agricultural enterprise, firm, organization (scientific, research, design, project), professional educational institution, vocational school, technical college, higher education institution, institute, academy, university, research institute, training center;
  • department head, college department; agronomist-researcher, researcher in agrochemistry and soil science, in breeding and genetics of crops; researcher;
  • chief agronomist, chief agronomist for plant protection, chief agrochemist, office manager (agrochemical), aerodrome agronomist, seed agronomist, plant protection agronomist, inspector agronomist, agrochemist, soil scientist, specialist in agrochemical chemist, agricultural chemist crops, agronomist department (brigade, agricultural section, farm, workshop), technologist in agronomy.