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Uman National University of Horticulture is a scientific center of modern agricultural education in Ukraine. Its history goes back to in 1844, when the only in the Russian Empire Main School of Gardening was founded. Since the establishment of the educational institution the agriculture has received more than 40 thousand highly qualified specialists, including 32 academicians, 700 doctors of science and more than two thousand candidates of science. Among them 23 were awarded the Gold Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor, and O.N. Parubok and L.Y. Shlifer were honored with this award twice, the Hero of the Soviet Union Y.K Glibko, Heroes of Ukraine O.S. Maselsky and L.G. Yakovyshen, eight deputies of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, many well-known statesmen, business executives and professionals.

Now more than 7,000 students are studying at six faculties. There are 11 under-graduate degree programs and 17 specialties. 490 members of the teaching staff, including 53 doctors, professors and 236 candidates of sciences, associate professors, provide the learning process. The Institute for Post-diploma Education and Consulting  provides retraining of specialists and consultation services to agricultural producers.

In order to improve the quality of training specialists for agriculture on the basis of our university the Regional University Center was founded. It combines six educational establishments of I-II levels of accreditation in Cherkassy region. Now over 13 thousand students are studying at the Center.

The university has a post-graduate course (19 majors) and the institution for doctoral candidacy (8 majors), three specialized academic councils for doctoral and candidate’s thesis defence. Two professional scholarly journals are published at the university. There is a modern scientific library with reading rooms for 220 seats and book depository of 500 thousand volumes of educational, scientific and literary works.

In order to unite the scientific potential of the region, to coordinate research work and to improve practical training of students Training Scientific and Production Complex was created. It consists of the Institute of pomology named after L.Symyrenko of NAASU, Institute of root crops of NAASU, National dendrological park "Sofiyivka" of NASU, Uman Greenhouse, SC "Uman forestry", JSC "Umanfermmash", SC "Illich-Agro-Uman," the best agricultural enterprises in the region, as well as Training Scientific and Production Department of the university, which has 1060 hectares of land, experimental fields, experimental orchards, experimental vegetable plots, forest, nursery, greenhouses, hothouse complex, refrigerator with modern facilities for the storage of fruit, production departments for processing fruit, vegetables and grain.

Uman National University of Horticulture won the first prize at the contest for the best experimental field, which was conducted by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine among agricultural universities of III-IV accreditation levels.

In our university under the guidance of well-known scholars educational research schools work successfully according to the research program for 2011-2015, registered in the National Center for Scientific, Technical and Economic Integration and in the research areas "Biology", "Technology",  "Economics of growing and processing fruit, vegetables and field crops" according to the requirements of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

The Center of culture and education coordinates extracurricular activities at the university, develops and implements new trends of development and improvement of students’ extracurricular activities. Seven creative teams were awarded the honorary title "People’s" for high artistic skill and professionalism.

The University is a co-organizer and a permanent member of All-Ukrainian art festival "Sofiivski Zori", which is held among creative teams of agrarian higher educational establishments. People’s amateur group “Nyvka” of Uman National University of Horticulture won the first place in the genre of "Academic choreography" at the anniversary festival in 2011. Significant event for university art teams was their performance in the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" at the celebration of Agricultural Workers’ Day.

Much attention is paid to physical education of students. Every year more than 150 sports events take place, involving more than 6.5 thousand students. University Sport team took the first place in the overall standings of Student Games of Cherkassy region among universities of III-IV accreditation levels in 2011, and became the champion of the region. University Sport team took the first place at Student Games of Ukraine among universities up to 5 thousand students. Students Andriy Martynyuk and Jaroslav Zhmudenko are champions of Ukraine and are members of the National team of Ukraine, which will participate in the World Student Games.

The University is a base for training the National team of Ukraine for international championships in table tennis and other sports.

University develops cooperation with national institutions and universities around the world. It maintains business relationship with universities in Poland, Russia, USA, France, Denmark, Czech Republic, China, Uzbekistan, Belarus and others. Every year lecturers and students have training in the U.S., France, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Poland.

Scientific practical seminar "High technologies in horticulture" initiated by the university plays an important role in the development of domestic and international horticulture. It has been held for 27 years in succession. Each time about 400 horticulturists, both researchers and practitioners from different countries attend this seminar and consider the ways of improving technologies and introducing achievements of the modern science in horticulture.

Over the last two years of intensive and purposeful work of the university administration and staff Uman National University of Horticulture made a successful breakthrough and became one of the leaders of agrarian education and science of Ukraine and was given many awards. In 2009 the university was awarded by the Letter of Commendation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for its significant contribution to the development of education and got a silver medal in the category "Education".

Uman National University of Horticulture is a regular participant of international, national, regional and local exhibitions of scientific and educational achievements. For participation in the XXII International Agricultural Exhibition "Agro-2010" the university was awarded a diploma and a gold medal in the nomination "For manufacturing products from natural ingredients which satisfy the taste of a hard-to-please consumer", a diploma and a medal "Branch Leader", a diploma "For significant contribution to the development of agro-industrial complex of Ukraine "and" For achievements in agriculture".

Our university was awarded three gold medals in the categories "For the development and implementation of innovative technologies in horticulture," "For the development of high quality products from natural raw material" and "For the development and introduction of environmentally friendly technologies of crop production" at the International Agricultural Exhibition "Agro-2011".

At present our activity is being aimed at improvement of professional skills, intensification of research, support of agricultural production, which correspond to social and economic reforms in our country.

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