Geodesy and Land Management


In UNUH a new direction is established – «Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management».

In the context of holding land reforms at the labour market, the demand in certified engineers and specialists in land management and engineers-surveyors has sharply grown. So students, who study at the training direction "Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management" of Uman National University of Horticulture, have attractive prospects for job placement after receiving a diploma.

The profession of a specialist in land management was honourable in the past, and is necessary today, in the period of cardinal reformation of land reformation, connected with the change of social order. And it will become more actual in the near future, when the land market of agricultural purpose will be established in the country. 

Whatever activity with the land demands the appropriate mounting, holding of a great volume of different works, beginning with the measurement of plots of land, development of technical and project documentation and corresponding legislative execution. And all this must do qualified specialists, who must be in enough quantity.

Since January the 1st, 2013 the Law of Ukraine took into force “About the Sate Land cadastre”, which is one of the conditions of removal of moratorium for the disposal of land of agricultural role. So the regulation of land relations on the basis of market in a new legislative field, oriented on the harmonious, balanced, conflict-free development of land use, demands qualitative training of highly-qualified specialists in land management and surveyors, who are able to effectively use modern equipment, new geoinformational systems and technologies.

Bachelors-graduates of the training direction «Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management» can realize theirselves in the professions of specialists in land management and specialists in geoinformational systems and technologies.

A specialist in land management — is a specialist, who has knowledge in land law, land cadastre, land management and managemant of land resources, is responsible for the education and the appropriate qualification.

The profession of a specialist in land management involves deep understanding of processes, which happen in the nature. Specialists of this sphere have an ability to work in regional, district and city offices and departments of land resources; the bureau of technical inventorying; departments of architecture and city building; agencies of fixedment valuation; departments of funds of state property, regional and district departments of justice; village, settlement, city and district boards; state administration and their departments; tax service.

A specialist in geoinformational systems and technologies may be drawn to different kinds of manufacturing activity. He or she develops necessary programme supply, realizes the development of projecting and programming of ready systems, studies demands and problems of users, realizes the research of optimal decisions; busies himself or herself with the development, production and supply of programmes. Such specialist is able to make projects in the sphere of natural and technical sciences, solve fundamental and applied problems in the sphere of technologies.

A specialist in geoinformational systems and technologies can take the following positions: an engineer-system analyst; a consultant of marketing at the labour market; a worker of the land department of state administration; a worker of a bureau of technical inventorying; an engineer and a head of a group of a scientific research institute.

Specialists in geoinformational systems and technologies work in the organs of territory state managemant, in organizations and firms of land management, in project research organizations; in executive and planning organizations, in operational and projected  building organizations.

The work of a specialist in Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management demands the skills in weighed decisions adaption, communication with people, and also demands the attentiveness, clearness and responsibility. You should be persistent, confident, active and have a well-developed intuition, and be able to think logically to become a successful professional.

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