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Personnel Management and Labour Economics

“Personnel Management and Labour Economics” – is a comparatively new direction of training, which belongs to such sphere of knowledge as “Business Economics”, tat is very prestige and a rather unprofitable speciality under the terms of market model of economics. 

It is explained by that, that the demand in such specialists increases annualy, because the effective activity of any organization mostly depend on the  organized work of the staff, which is called for provision in specialists in personnel management.

It is should be noted, that the functions of the specialist in personnel management have been greatly broadened ( besides the traditional staff record keeping, he or she models working places, marketing, develop or motivate personnel), and his or her status has also increased (modern leaders of personnel are affiliated into the higher management of an enterprise; organizations and companies take part in the strategic business management). Such changes are explained by that, that employers have reconsidered their attitude to the personnel in general, which is one of the main competitive advantages of a company at the market.

The uniqueness of the specialists of this speciality is that they are needed in all demesnes, at the enterprises of any organizational legislative form and the form of ownership, so the prospects of employment of the graduates of the training direction "Personnel Management and Labour Economics" are rather wide. Moreover, having the sufficient knowledge and skills, deep understanding of economic processes and qualities of a leader, specialists in personnel management and labour economics can have their own business, and Masters of this qualification can work as a lecturers of higher and professional educational institutions.Though, the improvement of work of state offices in the social sphere (offices and departments of the social safety net), a pension fund, centers of employment) and the local government also contribute to the arisal of new working places.

Besides of the wide sphere of action and a huge demand in professionals - „workers”, UNUH is one of the educational institutions of Ukraine, where students master the speciality „Personnel Management and Labour Economics”. Specialists training of the determined speciality is performed by the University with the fourth level of accreditation.

The Department of Economics became the scientific, pedagogic and methodological center of such specialists. Staff of the Department – is the experienced, highly-qualified lecturers, among which there are 3 professors, 9 PhDs, 1 senior lecturer and 3 lecturers. Staff is reinforced by young scientists, that have successfully finished their postgraduate studies and defended a thesis of the appropriate scientific direction.

Unlike other areas in the field of knowledge "Economics and Business", the curriculum of the specialty "Personnel Management and Labour Economics" provides organic combination of Economics and Law, Business, Management and ICT study, awell as a number of "human studies" courses that cover the theory and practice of social and economic relations and business communication. All this will contribute to training highly qualified specialists.

Possibilities of Employment:

professional name of the group

professional name of the work

A professional in the sphere of work and employment, social safety

  • an economist of labour,
  • an expert in regulation of social and labour relations,
  • an expert in labour conditions,
  • an engineur of labour organization and staff training,
  • an instructor of leading methods of labour,
  • an insurance expert of labour protection,
  • a specialist in labour market analysis,
  • a specialist in issues of solving collective labour disputes,
  • a specialist in employment issues,
  • a specialist in social work.

An economist

  • an economist of planning,
  • an economist of bookkeeping and economy analysis,
  • an economist of financial work.

A manager

  • a manager of personnel,
  • a manager of pension insurance,
  • a manager of selection, providing and use of personnel,
  • a manager of education, life safety and social help.

An agent of employment and labour contract

  • an inspector of personnel,
  • an organizator of personnel,
  • a specialist in hire of manpower.

An inspector of social help

  • an inspector of pension payment,
  • an inspector of pension fixing ,
  • an inspector of social help.

A social worker

  • a social worker,
  • a specialist in solving conflicts.

A lecturer of educational institutions

  • A lecturer of a higher educational institution,
  • A lecturer of professional educational institution.

A scientific worker

  • a scientific worker (Economics, Labour and Employment, Social Safety).