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Accounting and Audit

One of the inseparable parts of economic relations is the developed and effectively organized accounting. "Accounting and Audit" is a complex speciality, which gives an opportunity to work simultaneously in two spheres: accounting and  auditing. Besides, specialists of this sphere are multyfunctional workers. A modern accountat doesn't just do bookkeeping, but also accomplishes a wide activity, that includes planning and adaption of decisions, control of keeping of pay and tax disciplines at the enterprise, estimation and analysis of economic financial activity, audit.

Accounting and Audit
Accounting and Audit

Graduates of the speciality "Accounting and Audit" have wide possibilities for job placement in institutions, enterprises and organizations of state and other forms of ownership and management, organs of Tax Inspectorate, in bank institutions and state services. Universality, or the ability for activity in different directions (economics, finance, taxation etc.), is highly appreciated in accountants. 

When received diplomas in speciality «Accounting and Audit», specialists, besides the high level of professional training, are characterized by such advantages:

  • the knowledge of business organization;
  • high demand in labour market;
  • prospects of job placement in different spheres of economic activity;
  • ability to manage rationally and adopt effective managerial decisions;
  • mainly negotiated working time.

Graduates of the University in speciality «Accounting and Audit» can take the following positions:

  • an accountant (of an enterprise, a budgetary institution, a bank, in spheres of small business);
  • a teller (of an enterprise, a bank institution);
  • an auditor;
  • a head of an audit firm;
  • a private entrepreneur with the rendering of accounting and audit service;
  • an economist-analyst;
  • a specialist in tax issues;
  • a specialist in sphere of assets valuing and a rialtor;
  • a worker of credits department in a bank;
  • a worker of an enterprise or a department;
  • a trade comissioner.

Accounting and Audit
Accounting and Audit

A modern accountant – is a sociable, able to productive work and business communication specialist, who possesses professional knowledge, that guarantee the employment and stable source of income of the family.