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Training direction «Marketing» is comparatively new for Ukraine. The demand in marketing specialists is not completely satisfied for today. Taking into consideration the perspectiveness of this profession is, that it permits to display its art abilities, so a lot of young people choose marketing among other economic specialities. A person, who wants to be a marketing specialist, must have such qualities as activity, creativity, ability to analyse and make decisions, power of observation, interest in outworld, positive attitude to life.


A marketing specialist – is the main specialist in market economics. So firms, enterprises, organizations feel the keener demand in qualified, modern specialists in market activity, that is market specialists. Specialists affirm: a marketing specialist – is a specialist of the XXI century.This thought is confirmed by practice – the demand in marketing specialists in Ukraine is increasing.

Specialists in speciality «Marketing» perform organizational and economic, managerial and scientific activity in enterprises, in trade organizations, delivery service and sales service, consalting and advertizing firms, they plan marketing activity of an enterprise at the internal and external markets. Marketing specialists can provide consulting service in organization of marketing research, the development of business-plans, innovation projects. After the end of education graduates-marketing specialists succesfully solve the complex of tasks of market research and sales predictions, that provide the reliable base for successful business operations of enterprises and firms of market orientation. 


Graduates of the University in speciality «Marketing» can take the following positions:

  • a director assisstant;
  • a head of a department or market service;
  • a marketing specialist  of a department or marketing service;
  • a marketing specialist and analyst, a consultant, an expert;
  • a marketing specialist of an enterprise effectiveness, communicative politics;
  • an economist of marketing service and sales;
  • a consultant in marketing and advertising;
  • a director of an advertising agency, a director of an advertising department;
  • a director of advertising informational agencies, the department of public relations;
  • a manager of advertising, a brand-manager, a mediaplanner, a copywriter;
  • an art-director;
  • a promoter, a consultant in advertising;
  • a director of logistics, a top-manager of logistics, a logist, a consultant in logistics issues.

As the world practice displays,marketing education is the most promosing from the point of view of career rise. The higher the managerial position of the specialist, more important is marketing knowledge for him or her.