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Finance and Credit

Finance – is the base of economics of modern civilized society. The knowledge in necessary volumes and in mobilization in proper time, in rationally distribution, effective and economic use the resources at all levels of economy determine the level of life in the country, directions of social economic development of the country.

Finance and Credit
Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit» is one of the main specialities of the economic direction. The programme of the speciality is focused on the training of qualified specialists for the financial system of the state, who must estimate objectively economic processes, that are held in the society, understand the sense and tendencies of the development of financial relations and their peculiarities in state spheres, the international finance and the finance of economic institutions, develop and solve the problems of the development of finance system.

Specialists of the speciality «Finance and Credit» have a wide inter-branch profile, that allows to perform professional activity in different spheres of Economics and state finance management: at the territorial finance agencies (finance offices); at the state tax service; at the controlled finance authorities (tax inspections, control revision offices); at the insurance organizations, companies and groups; at the audit firms; at the Pension Funds and Social Insurance Funds; at the departments of the Lord High Treasure; at the labour offices and at the offices of social safety; at the finance departments of enterprises and organizations; at the authorities of public administration, budgetary and bank systems.

Graduates of the University in speciality «Finance and Credit» can work as:

  • an economist of finance work;
  • an auditor;
  • a consultant in finance and economic issues;
  • a state tax inspector;
  • a tax inspector;
  • a broker of securities;
  • an inspector of a custom-house;
  • a bank worker;
  • a finance director of an enterprise;
  • a director of a finance office;
  • a leader of a finance department;
  • an insurance agent;
  • a leading specialist of the department (office) etc.

After studing the "Finance and Credit", you will become a highly-qualified specialist.