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  1. In the journal ‘Plodovodstvo’ (Органъ Императорского Російскаго Общества плодоводства, 1884, January, №1, p. 282) in the standing head ‘Questions and Answers’ D.I. Kozlov (Сухумъ, Садов. зав. ‘Синопъ’) refers to the editorial office with the question: ‘What institution can enter a graduate of Ministerial School?’. They answer: ‘Uman of Kiev province has a Department of Horticulture’. This fact is indisputable proof of the high level of training specialists of horticultural industry, beginning with College and continuing by Uman National University of Horticulture, because from a number of existing at that time schools, the editor recommends Uman College of Agriculture and Horticulture.
  2. In 1870, by the suggestion of Uman School of Horticulture the production of wines from fruits and berries was legalized. By this time the production of wine, Russia from the fruit was considered as falsification, because during its production it was allowed to add sugar in juices to enhance juice sweetness and water to reduce acidity and extract content of the finished product.
  3. From 1881 till 1884, director of Uman School of Agriculture and Horticulture was Yakiv M. Kalynovskyi. Yakiv Kalynovskyi became the first director of the Moscow Zoo, which was founded in 1864.



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