Technology of Storage, Preservation and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables


Modernization of native enterprises of rerolling and food manufacture, introduction of modern technologies and the entry of Ukraine into the world community need the qualified specialists with the higher education. A key figure of modern manufacture becomes a highly-qualified technologist, without who a modern enterprise can't operate. Though, it can be convinced, that our disciples will immediately find a prestiguous highly paid job.

Graduates of the direction „Food Technologies and Engineering” hold leading posts at the fruit tinning, wine producing, brewing, spirit, meat and dairy products production, distillery manufacture, cold storage. They can hold a post a chief executive officer of an enterprise, a chief engineer, a production manager, a works manager, a laboratory manager, a head of a shop, a watch commander, a master, an engineer-chemist, a microbiologist, a lecturer of higher educational institutions, a scientific worker of project and scientific research institutions.

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