Landscape Gardening



This speciality is one of the most necessary in all regions of Ukraine, in cities, settlements, villages.

Engineers of Landscape Gardening get complex training in issues of projecting all types of crops, their treatment on the base of detail learning of decorative plants biology, reconstruction and restoration of ancient and modern landscape objects, decorative gardening.

Students study the history of world landscape gardening art, floriculture of the open soil and greenhouses, dendrological projecting, landscape architecture, topiar arts, vertical planting of greenery, landscape building, community planting of greenery, principles of arrangement and composition.

At thee Faculty the specialists, who know not only particular subjects, but also have knowledge in pedology, agrochemistry, protection of decorative plants from the vermins and diseases, means of mechanization of landscape gardening are trained, and it allows them to be competitive at the labour market. Academic programme also includes principles of fitodesign and floradesign with the use of creative tasks.

In modern cities with lots of industrial enterprises, developed network of citytransport, dense housing system, the conditions that have harmful influence on people's health, are inevitably arisen. City noise disturbs a person's nervous system and wearies it. The main instrument of the recovery of city microclimate – is a broad development of the system of greenery. Gardens, squares, boulevards, parks – are the best place for entertainment of the population of cities and settlements.

Plants play an unvaluable role in the architecture of the city. Their decorative properties – variety of forms, colours and textures – open the widest possibilities for creativity of landscape designers.

In the world the greenery of modern cities has lost its applied and utilitarian meaning. Nowadays landscape design plays a dominant role in the system of city building. The aim of landscape design is the organization of harmonious space from the aesthetic and ecological point of view. And the whole complex of tasks of the city building is submitted to this head goal.

Engineers of the Landscape Gardening – are not only qualified gardeners and engineers, but they are also artists, designers, architectors. This is  a person with a pointed sense of the beautiful, who is able to find new, original ideas and successfully embody them.


A lot of people are mistaken, that plants growing and the creation of gardens and parks with the help of these plants – is a simple business. It's a large mistake! Organization and keeping of landscape gardening involves involves a serious and wide professional training. The knowledge of fundamental natural studies, as well as applied agrarian and technical studies, become necessary here.

Graduates work in state authorities and private structures as landscape designers, engineers, agronomists of greenery building in botanical gardens,park complexes,seed plots, specialized agrofirms, gardening centers and other organizations. Many people successfully make their own business.

Graduates of the speciality receive guaranteed job placement in the following spheres:  greenery building,  landscape greenery of city territories,  making botanical gardens,  greenery of industrial territiries,  greenery of recreational territories,  greenery of areas that are recultivated,  making and reconstruction of dendroparks,  greenery of sports complexes,  industrial floriculture,  fitodesign and decoration of the interior. 

Make your life and life of others more beautiful and rich! You will transform stone jungles of megapolises into flowering gardens, grey bungalows into fairy castles, you will present great flowerbeds for cities, for women — there will be the best bouquets of flowers, for colleges — decorated offices and homes, together we'll create new forests, new gardens, parks and zones of entertainment!

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