Objects of professional activity of an engineer of forestry are forests and forest parks, technological processes of reproduction, improvement of natural composition and quality of forest plantations, the increase of their productivity, and also the conservation, protection and rational use of areas of the forest fund.

Studing at this speciality, students study such subjects as dendrology, forest zoology, forest breeding, forest parks economy, greenery of population centers, prohibited business etc. After graduation graduates receive the qualification "An Engineer of Forestry".

Ar the Faculty are prepared not only highly-qualified specialists of forest manufacturing, but also future researchers, selectionists and makers of scientific methods directed to the improvement of productivity and quality of forests.

A unique nature component, that is called forest, during many centuries forms necessary conditions for existence of everything alive on the Earth. Meanwhile the paradox, that is historically formed, is visible – a man, since in his or her hands had appeared necessary tools,  began cutting the branch, where he or she is comfortably settled. At first he or she used fruits from trees and scrubs for food, dry branches - for fire, for heating their homes. Because tha nature has an ability to self-renew, this activity of a man hasn't greately harmed it. As the man moved swiftly to the boundless benefits of civilization, the phase of indiscriminate destruction of surrounding vegetation began, as well as in the plains and in the mountains.

The results of such thriftless activity didn't make to wait for them for a long time. Total pollution of the atmosphere, the shallowness of rivers and lakes, destroying gulley streams, land slides, hurricanes, extinctions of hundreds  of plants and animals types  are not the full list of disasters, that are caused by forest destructions. Perhaps Shatobrian was right: "Forests preceeded the human being, – deserts followed him or her".

It is not strange, that every year the demand in highly-qualified specialists, who are able  to renew wood resources effectively, increases. Exactly this proffession you can receive in our University, studing at the speciality "Forestry".

Graduates of the speciality work in the systems of protective afforestations of railway and automobile transport, green building of population centers and Forestry of Ukraine as masters, technicians, heads of districts, forester assistants. During the period of studing specialists receive a high level of professional training in sheres of forestry, technique and technology of forests growing, protective forest-growing, forest protection, forest taxation and forest management, technologies of forest use , economics and organization of Forestry.

Professions: leaders and specialists in forestry, specialized huntsman service, forest seed growing, seed plots of forest crops, organization of forest tourism, specialists in forest pirology.

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