Business Economics – is the science on effective use of material, working, financial resources, on ways and methods of getting the highest possible income with the lowest expenses by an enterprise. Students-economists study the mechanism of functioning of any company, without paying attention to its size (a small business or a huge transnational incorporation) and forms of ownership.

During the studing students get the knowledge of peculiarities of the enterprise functioning in deifferent demesnes, the formation of optimal manufacturing process, strategical and tactical planning, the adaption of economical decisions, management of quality and competitivenes of the production, labour organization etc. They can plan and predict the activity of an organization, its demand in resources, organize the realisation of managerial decisions, foreign economic activity, cooperation with banks and other credits and financial institutions, effective systems of labour motivation.

Specialists of the speciality «Business Economics» organize economic activity of the enterprise, which is competitive at the innternal and external market, calculate the cost price of production, make up the estimate of expenses, predict financial and economic results of the manufacture and sales, and determine the way of making an enterprise activity more effective.

Graduates of the University of the training direction «Business Economics» may take the following positions:

  • an economist of an enterprise, a head specialist (of an institution, organization),
  • a head of economic and financial department of an enterprise,
  • a head of financial department of the regional state administration,
  • an assisstant of a director of economic issues,
  • an economist of a calculating center,
  • an inspector of manufacturing technical and economic issues,
  • an expert-analyst of economic financial issues,
  • a specialist in financial and economic safety and organiztion of commercial activity,
  • a consultant-advisor in planning issues and organization of manufacturing process,
  • an assistant of a head of an enterprise (institution, organization),
  • a head of an enterprise or a department.


Besides, steady economic knowledge allows the specialist of the speciality «Business Economics» to start his or her own business, or to start entrepreneurial business.

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