The Faculty of Agronomy

There are many professions on the Earth, but there is nothing more honourable than people's toil, that grow bread. Nowadays our rich Ukrainian ground needs clever and qualified specialists, people, who understand and love it. These specialists are qualified by the Faculty of Agronomy, which was established in 1868.

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The Faculty of Management

A manager is a highly qualified professional who plays the role of a coordinating body that shapes and drives the resources of the organization to achieve its goals.

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The Faculty of Economics & Entrepreneurship

The Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship, which was established in August 1999, is deeply rooted to the times when the Head School of Horticulture was transformed into the Uman School of Agriculture and Horticulture. In that time, because of the initiative of a civilian advisor P.А. Zagorskyi, a Candidate of Science, the course of Agricultural Economy began to be taught. Since 1878 the subject "Accounting" has been introduced.

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The Faculty of Engineering and Technology

A specialist of a modern level – is not only a specialist of a wide engineering profile, who has knowledge of applied mathematics, engineering graphics, materials science, heat engineering, general and special technologies of food manufacture, but also a specialist, who perfectly know the fine points of storing and the transformation of plants products.

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The Faculty of Forestry and Landscape Gardening

Specialists of the training direction "Forestry and Landscape Gardening", on the basis of their knowledge in agricultural engineering of the decorative plants growing, landscape art and fitodesign, provide the harmonious organization of different territories, zones of entertainment and free time activities of the population.